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The highest award that a Scout can achieve is the Queen’s Scout Award, or King Scout for those who did so before Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne.

There are very few records locally or even nationally of the recipients of this prestigious award.

Although the criteria for achieving this award has changed over the years, it remains a huge challenge for the young person to complete with stages including service, skills, expeditions and many more.

After the award has been presented, the holder is invited to attend the annual St George’s Day Parade at Windsor, where they are inspected by a member of the Royal Family.

My wife, Paula (nee Hutchinson) received the award in 1983 and was inspected by the Queen Mother.

In an attempt to complete a comprehensive list, I am trying to make contact with any King or Queen Scouts living in the Eastwood or Kimberley area.

They can contact me by email at: or by phone on 01773 533869 or 07792471690 or write to me at 49 Lockton Avenue, Heanor, DE75 7EQ.

The information I require is their name, the Scout Group and year when they achieved the award.

Contact details would be useful if they are prepared to give them.

I would also be interested to hear from family members who may have certificates of those Scouts now deceased.

Colin Newton,