Shock over New Year’s Eve death

THE parents of a well-known Kimberley man who died suddenly on New Year’s Eve have spoken to the Advertiser about their heartache.

Christopher Saxton, 35, died peacefully in his sleep in the early evening but at present the cause of death is unknown.

His parents Dawson and Jennifer said he was ‘a very loving son’.

“He was very caring and always put other people before himself, especially his family,” said Mrs Saxton.

“He was very protective over me and his dad.”

Tributes have been flooding onto Facebook over the past week from people that knew their son.

One comment on the social networking site described him as a ‘brilliant lad – hard work sometimes but well worth the effort’ and Mrs Saxton said that sums her son up.

“He could sometimes come across as being quite a hard person but he was as soft as anything really,” she added.

Mr Saxton, 62, said: “He was a right character and well known in the area. He was very loving and would do anything for anybody.”

Christopher, who lived at home with his parents, had sent a text to a friend wishing him a happy new year at 7pm. His parents found him dead less than half an hour later.

Mrs Saxton, 61, said: “I had gone up at 5.30pm and he was on his bed sleeping. My husband then checked on him at about 7.15pm to 7.30pm to say we were having dinner and to ask him if he wanted any, and he had gone.”

Mr Saxton added: “He was in the position he always goes to sleep in. But I just couldn’t wake him up.”

He tried to bring Christopher round with CPR while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The coroner told the couple Christopher had suffered a gastric haemorrhage, or a bleed in the stomach, but the exact cause of death was still being investigated.

“We just want questions answered. We are in limbo at the minute and it doesn’t make it any easier,” said Mrs Saxton.

Christopher, known by many people as Zakdoo or Sak, leaves brother Matthew, his partner Lynn, nephews Wade and Charlie, and niece Chloe.

Funeral arrangement have not yet been made.