Sick to death of shootings


Is anyone else in the Nuthall/Kimberley area sick to death of all the shooting that is going on?

Most weekends and evenings we are subjected to the sounds of shots for hours on end. What is going on? Where is it coming from? And is it legal?

We had the same problem last year, I contacted the police but they weren’t that interested, suggesting bird scarers could be the problem, but I am familiar with that noise, and know they do sometimes operate in the Watnall area, but this is a different sound.

Often the sound seems to be coming from the Nuthall cemetery area and often in the vicinity of Nuthall Lake, or up towards Swingate.

It’s no pleasure to sit in the garden when this is going on, apart from that, my dog is terrified of the cracks (she’s terrified of fireworks and this to her sounds the same).

Does anyone know what is happening and can it be stopped?

Nuthall Resident