Sign petition to close cash gap


The majority of people in this country are finding their money is running out a lot faster than it used to – everything seems to be going up a lot faster than their wages!

As regard wages, the people that work for their money have gradually been getting less and less.

That is; as a percentage of the profits of most businesses.

Even though, the production of most businesses has been increasing for many years. Making a lot at the top incredibly rich.

Its not just the Labour Party, although they should have done something about it – they had thirteen years and isn’t this their reason for being?

They didn’t (and probably don’t), know how to tackle the real problem of the super-rich not paying their fair share of tax, while paying the lowest paid hardly enough to live on.

The minimum wage was a start, but I don’t think they really had a plan.

This is a consequence of Tory and Labour governments.

They both thought (and probably still do) that by letting greedy people make loads of money, giving them various tax reliefs, then they will provide jobs for people to just scrape by.

Most people probably don’t realise that the Liberal Democrats have been trying to get governments to close the gap between rich and poor for years.

And, even though they didn’t win the election, they are starting to make a difference.

By raising the threshold when you start paying tax, it leaves more for people to take home.

This aids the economy, as we are more likely to spend on products from businesses that most people work for, not just yachts and super-cars to pose in.

If you would like to help speed this up and raise it even more, thereby paying even less tax, then please sign this petition on the Government’s web site

Clive Trussell