SLIDESHOW: Ilkeston Charter Fair through the years

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Dating back to the original charter granted by Henry III in 1252, the Ilkeston Charter Fair has been thrilling children and adults alike for 763 years.

The original fair consisted of little more than pedlars, agricultural traders and a few opportunist entertainers.

Now, it is widely regarded as one of the Europe’s largest fairs and boasts some of the biggest and best travelling fairground rides in the UK.

The present fair developed from two separate fairs. An another agricultural hiring fair was traditionally held on Wakes Week in October as well as the original Charter Fair.

The two fairs were combined in 1888 and the one Ilkeston Charter Fair has been held in October ever since.

Since 1931 the fair has been officially opened by the mayor on the Thursday at noon, with the town clerk or latterly the council’s solicitor reading the charter from the steps of the Town Hall.

Here is a selection of photos taken at the Charter Fair over the years.