Slimmer gets invitation to Parliament

Kim McAree
Kim McAree

An award-winning slimmer from Newthorpe was invited to the House of Commons to take part in a debate on obesity.

Kim McAree – who shed 13 stones – attended the Slimming World parliamentary reception which included policy debate and discussion on the key issues surrounding obesity.

Gloria De Piero, Eastwood MP, said she was proud to have Kim by her side at Westminster.

She said: “Kim has done brilliantly to firstly lose so much weight, and secondly, to keep it off.

“It was inspirational to hear about her weight loss journey and the wonderful effect it has had on her life. A big congratulations to her.”

Kim won Slimming World’s national ‘diamond slimmer’ award back in 2015 after shedding half her body weight.

She was hand-picked for the award from 6,500 entrants put forward by their Slimming World mentors nationally.

Nurse Kim had been overweight since her teenage years and by 2007 was a size 30.

Determined not to be overweight by the time she was 50, she joined Slimming World and lost 13st 4lbs, dropping from a size 30 to a size 10.

She won the award because she had kept her weight off for five years and because her life had changed so much as a result of her weight loss.

The weight loss has enabled her to fulfil life-long dreams of flying in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, taking a hot air balloon across the Nile and renewing her wedding vows in a size 10 dress.

Kim has now maintained her new weight for more than six years.