Slimming World success

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Two friends who both live in Nuthall are playing their part in helping locals lose weight by running Slimming World classes which are based in Eastwood ,Langley Mill and Nuthall.

Former local business administrator Deborah Cooper, of Ash Crescent, has been encouraged by the success of her award-winning Slimming World group in Eastwood and launched a new group in Langley Mill.

Deborah, now a consultant for Slimming World, said: “It is most rewarding for me to help members who are overweight to face up to the challenge of sticking to a routine which, in the long run, is beneficial and will help them to regain their 
self esteem.

“To see the progress individuals make by taking control of their bodies and sticking to routines and eating and excercising sensibly makes me so proud,” she said. “It is not easy and it is all about will power and sticking at it .”

Similarly, Jeanette Chawner, of Ayscough Avenue, a former NHS administrator and now a Slimming World consultant too, is delighted at the success of her classes, which take place at the Temple Centre in Nuthall.

“My members have a great time and the fact that they are losing weight while having fun in the company of others, and most of all are seeking to gain control of their bodies, is a real bonus.” said Jeanette.

Deborah’s Slimming World sessions take place at the Dora Phillips Hall in Eastwood and her new group meets on Tuesdays at Langley Mill Miners Welfare in Station Road (at the side of the church).

Jeanette runs her classes on Wednesdays starting at 5.30pm and then 7.30pm.