Social housing is in demand


The Chairman of SOBS has rather an alarming turn of phrase when warning of the consequences of his group’s failure to save our brewery.

He warns of a ‘mini ghetto’ that would result in the ‘destruction’ of the town. Apparently this will be the outcome should social housing be built on this eyesore of a site.

I spent the formative years of my life living in social housing in this area and resent the implication in these ill-judged remarks that tenants of social housing would be responsible for creating an impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area troubled by a large amount of crime.

Whilst researching the subject he will no doubt find that, currently, the demand for social housing far exceeds the supply, and that in the troubled financial times ahead the demand for a roof over our heads will grow.

I hope that when SOBS are in discussion with the developers that they do not purport to speak for all residents of Kimberley.

Perhaps they should check your Wider View poll.

I suspect that the four positive comments to the one dissenting voice is an accurate picture of public opinion in the town.

Jeff Surgay

Coatsby Road