Society folds after 25 years

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Easwtood Railway Society has had to fold after 25 years because it cannot find a meeting place in the town.

The group has always met at the Greasley Miners Welfare on a Thursday – but the slot has been taken over by the Slimming World group who could offer the welfare more money.

Society members say it is understandable with so many pubs and welfares struggling for cash, and closing down.

Chairman Andrew Mathieson said: “I suppose John Proctor who set the group up 25 years ago would be turning in his grave if he knew were going to finish, but it is good for the welfare which I know is struggling.”

Mr Mathieson said it would be too difficult for members to get to neighbouring towns, and said he felt it was the right to time to end the group.

“We are all getting older and it just seems the right time to fold the society,” he said.

The slimming world group used to meet at the Victory Club, which has just closed down. Other venues in the town are already occupied on Thursdays.

The society met once a month for six months of the year.

They watched videos and invited guest speakers to their meetings.