‘Someone will be killed. They are mental’

Reports of Youths driving quad bikes around Coronation Park, Eastwood. Pictured is Councillor Josie Marsters
Reports of Youths driving quad bikes around Coronation Park, Eastwood. Pictured is Councillor Josie Marsters

Police operations have been launched to clamp down on speeding quad bikes causing havoc in Eastwood in Nuthall.

Youths riding around on quad bikes on Coronation Park in Eastwood and Broxtowe Country Park in Nuthall have caused trouble for locals for years, and now officers across Nottinghamshire are doing what they can to try and put a stop to the problem.

Dave Threlfall is the treasurer of Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch.

He said: “I was on Coronation Park the other day and there was a lad of about five on a quad bike out with his dad.

“He was flying around so I pulled his dad up. I said ‘they should not be on here. There are elderly people, and children and people walking their dogs that want to come onto the park without the risk of being mowed down’.”

Jenny Smith, also from Eastwood, said: “A lad nearly ran my dog over on Monday morning on Coronation Park. I rang the council and told them to check their CCTV. It’s nearly every day.”

Eastwood councillor Josie Marsters said the problem needed sorting out before someone got killed.

“Someone is going to get killed. They are absolutely mental.

“It’s always been a problem on Coronation park. There are steep banks they fly down. They frighten you to death.

“They career down them. It’s crazy. And it’s right next to a kids play area where they do it.

“They have got absolutely no respect or awareness of anybody. They’re just after having a good time.

“It needs sorting out and stopping because someone is going to get hurt. It’s totally idiotic.

Quad bikes are also a notorious problem in Nuthall.

Nuthall councillor Philip Owen said: “We are currently dealing with a gang of youths riding unlicensed bikes along the main road.

“Anything up to 12 or 15 of them, riding eratically at speed with complete disregard for safety issues.

“And we have them going through a residential estate as well around the Mornington Crescent area.”

Coun Owen said the bikes have caused problems on Broxtowe Country Park for ‘many years’, but since a recent meeting he organised with police, things have calmed down a bit.

“I chaired a meeting between councillors and police and we agreed a course of action such as additional barriers, CCTV looking out to the park, police increasing patrols and so on, and I think the situation has improved a bit since that mneeting.

“That’s not to say things are going to go away altogether, I don’t think they ever will. But it’s a case of case of keeping on top of it, and all parties working together to do this.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “Operations aiming to clamp down on the illegal and anti-social use of off-road motorbikes, quad bikes and other nuisance vehicles have been launched across the force to tackle the issue, including the seizure of offending vehicles.

“We need more residents to help us clamp down on off-road bikes by reporting incidents to us. If anyone has any information about people using off-road bikes then please call us on 101.”