Speed cameras needed on these roads, say Eastwood residents

Church Street in Eastwood where residents claim there is a problem with speedy drivers
Church Street in Eastwood where residents claim there is a problem with speedy drivers

Concerned residents are demanding speed cameras on two major Eastwood roads, which they claim are being made dangerous by speeding drivers.

Residents on Mansfield Road and Church Street say safety measures need to be put in place to tackle “speed issues” with both cars and motorcycles.

Andrea Poxon, lives on Mansfield Road, Eastwood, where there is an issue with speedy drivers.

Andrea Poxon, lives on Mansfield Road, Eastwood, where there is an issue with speedy drivers.

They say the problems are occurring in the evenings and late at night, when the roads are clear.

Andy Housley, aged 52, lives on Mansfield Road and said speeding motorists are “annoying” for residents in the area.

He sad it was “only a matter of time before something bad happens”.

Andy said: “Bikers and cars can do excessive speeds on our road and it’s dangerous.

Inspector Wragg from Nottinghamshire Police

Inspector Wragg from Nottinghamshire Police

“Mansfield Road is already not a safe road, because of the blind bends.

“The only way to end it is to get speed cameras.

“I know we live on a main road, but, when the traffic dies down in the evenings, speeding motorists make more noise than we need around here.

“I’m not tarring them all with the same brush, but some of them seem to think it’s a race track.

“Drivers just need to take their time going through the area.”

Andrea Poxon, aged 50, also lives on the road and agreed speed cameras should be put in place.

She said: “We get a lot of fast traffic in the area.

“We have complained numerous times to the police about it and to Nottinghamshire County Council.

“Cars race around Morrisons at night time and late at night.

“It’s a built-up residential area and it is not safe.”

Andrea was also concerned about a fatal accident on the road which took place last year.

Residents on nearby Church Street have also expressed similar worries.

One resident, who declined to be named, has lived on the street for 50 years.

The 75-year-old said: “There is a speed issue on this road.

“Church Street has about 10 junctions, a school, a doctors, a dentist, care homes, a new housing complex, a park and a number of bus stops.

“And with the bend, you can’t see anything coming around the corner.

“I don’t think it’s very safe at 30mph as it is, never mind people who are speeding up around it.

“Half of the drivers are fine and stick to the speed limit, but it seems the others are trying to beat the best time around the Isle of Man.”

The former biker said he understood people who are interested in driving.

He said: “I’m not against cars and motorcyclists driving around on the roads, it is better than people hanging around on street corners.

“They have got a right to their vehicles, everybody has.

“However, they have to respect other people’s wishes and the law.

“There is a time and a place for driving like this - and it’s not on public highways.

“This is an important issue in Eastwood and something needs to be done about it.

“People need to remember cars and motorbikes can be lethal weapons.”

He suggested average speed cameras would be best suited to the area.

He said: “If we had these cameras people will have to adhere to the speed limit all the way along the roads, and not just slow down for the cameras.

“It will have the same affect as police officers being parked on the roads, but won’t be using up as much police time.”

Councillor David Townes, who also lives on Church Street, agreed speed cameras need to be put in place.

The Eastwood Town Council member said: “My main issue is there’s a playing field by the road, meaning loads of children will be around the area.

“If you get a vehicle going 60mph of 70mph, that’s not safe.

“I’ve stood at the bottom of the road and watched bikers going past and some of them go so fast you can’t even see them. And with the motorbikes, when they’re going at these sorts of speeds, it makes them really noisy as well.

“If they drove at 30mph, the noise wouldn’t be too bad, but the noise from some of them going too fast is horrendous.

“It might be people heading toward events that have noisy vehicles, but it’s speed more than anything that is a problem here.”

Inspector Steven Wragg, district commander for the Broxtowe borough, said police in Eastwood are aware of residents’ concerns regarding vehicles excessively speeding on these roads.

He said police will always react to reports of speeding as one of the contributors leading to collisions where people can be killed or seriously injured.

He said: “It is not acceptable and wherever possible we will react to the problem and deal with those caught appropriately.”

“We will continue to speak with local residents and hear their concerns.

“I will ensure the team follow up these complaints with ad-hoc, hand-held speed camera enforcement to ensure we continue to have an educated assessment of the problems.

“The speed camera enforcement van will periodically attend the site, in accordance with the site being a community complaint site.

“It is important to know our resources are limited and the reason we rely upon statistics and our observations is so we can provide the most efficient service to the community as a whole.”

The inspector added that any decision on fixed speed cameras on the roads is down to Nottinghamshire County Council. the highways authority.

It can then decide whether the roads meet the criteria for a built-in, static speed camera.

Insp Wragg said: “While I would not oppose a static camera on the road, a statistical interpretation of the problem makes it unlikely.”

A council spokesman said the site has been assessed in response to concerns about speeding.

He said: “We select sites for fixed speed cameras in line with national guidance from the Department for Transport.

“This specifies that safety cameras can only be installed at sites which meet a set criteria, including the number of accidents and monitored speed of vehicles.

“Church Street, Eastwood, does not currently meet this criteria.

“However, the length of A608 Mansfield Road from Cockerhouse Road to Princes Street has been classified as a core casualty reduction site for mobile speed enforcement, which means it will be visited on a regular basis by the police enforcement teams.

“If the site meets all the remaining criteria, it could potentially become a site for a fixed speed camera in the 2016/17 financial year.”

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