Spooky events to boost town’s businesses

Alexandra Birkinshaw, sales assistant
Alexandra Birkinshaw, sales assistant

Kimberley businesses are pulling together to give families the opportunity to properly celebrate Hallowe’en next week.

There will be a fancy-dress competition, a pumpkin carving contest, special spooky cakes for sale at the local cafe and a folk band performing at one of the local bars.

The owner of Madhatters Tea Rooms, Nygel Stevenson, is co-ordinating set to take place next Thursday, October 31, to try and help the town’s new businesses.

Parents and children are invited to Madhatters Tea Rooms in their Hallowe’en fancy-dress anytime after 3pm on Thursday, where they can have their picture taken for the competition.


All entries will then be published on facebook, where Madhatters followers will then judge which one they think is best.

For children who love getting crafty, Nygel is encouraging people to bring their carved pumpkins in to the cafe any time before next Wednesday.

They will all be put on display, and will be judged on Thursday by Nygel with prizes being handed out at a small ceremony later that evening at the Chapel Bar and Grill.

Madhatters will have a licence to sell alcohol for the day and will also be selling tea and spooky cakes until about 9pm, when people can then go on to the Chapel Bar and Grill for live music.

The Hallowe’en–themed band, called The Most Ugly Child, will be playing folk music.


Nygel said: “It’s all about promoting the local businesses and working together.

“Obviously people can make their own fancy-dress costumes, but I’m hoping people will visit Daisy Doolittles to see what they’ve got in store, and we’re hoping people will buy their pumpkins from the new fruit and vegetable shop, The Allotment.

“I wanted to help them and do something organised by the local businesses for the local community.

“Parents have to take kids to things that cost so much money these days but this is all very cheap to take part in, and will be loads of fun.”

Keep your eye out on the Madhatters facebook

page for all the latest information on events and competitions.


A children’s Hallowe’en party will be held at Beauvale Priory in Moorgreen this Sunday, October 27.

The party will take place between 4.30pm and 6pm, and will be followed by story telling entitled ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ between 7.30pm and 10pm.