Spud van complaint

Stephanie Hather pictured with her jacket potato business
Stephanie Hather pictured with her jacket potato business

A Kimberley mum who runs a jacket potato stall has logged official complaints against two local authorities regarding the way she has been treated.

After a battle with Broxtowe Borough Council to initially get her stall up and running, council officers put a stop to her trading just three weeks into her 12 week trial with no explanation.

Spud van owner Stepahie Hather said: “It says in my contract they were supposed to give me a weeks notice and they gave me two days.

“They emailed to say I couldn’t trade and they would revisit it. I asked why and they just said it was in hand and they would get back to me.

“I can’t believe they gave me two says notice. By that time I had already bought stock. I just feel so angry.”

Stephanie later got an email from the council to say there were concerns about her parking on some mosaic tiles on Toll Bar Square where she was trading from.

But the local mum said she had not even parked on them.

“They then said the decision would go to a committee, but I said to not bother because I wanted to complaint,” she said.

Stephanie, who lives in Kimberley, battled to get her van up and running in her home town earlier this year. It was turned down by the borough council after concerns were raised about it taking trade away from elsewhere. She fought the decision and met with the council’s chief executive, and was eventually granted her trial.

She called the saga ‘immoral and ridiculous’.

“All I am trying to do is earn a living to pay my mortgage and feed my kids. I already trade in Stapleford and Eastwood which are both Broxtowe, and I don’t see why Kimberley is any different. It’s absolutely immoral and ridiculous.”

Stephanie has also logged a complaint against Kimberley Town Council, claiming some of the councillors have made it clear they do not want her trading in the town.

“One of them came up to my van and told me I shouldn’t be here. The town council also moved the Christmas tree planter to the spot where I would normally park, and they have been ringing around Greggs and Subway asking if I have taken business off them.”

Kimberley Coun Richard Robinson said: “For a single parent, having lived in Kimberley all of her life, to be treated in such a manner is nothing short of appalling.”

Ruth Hyde, the chief executive at Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “Ms Hather was granted a trial in order that any issues which arose during that period could be identified.

“Two issues were identified – the legal right of access over the adopted highway to the position where the business was to be located. This requires some formal permissions and engineering works to resolve.

“The second issue was in relation to the risk of damage to mosaics in the square over which her van was likely to have had to be driven.”

The Advertiser was unable to get a comment from Kimberley Town Council.