St George’s Day truck visits town

carl richardson st george's day parade
carl richardson st george's day parade

THE SIGHT of a dozen or so children and adults loaded into the back of an old army truck may not be the typical image one would associate with England’s patron saint.

But Carl Richardson who drove the truck through Eastwood, Giltbrook, Ilkeston and Stapleford to help residents celebrate the day hopes it is the start of a new tradition to celebrate St George’s Day.

Mr Richardson from Ilkeston acquired the large military vehicle just before Christmas in an effort to deliver rock salt to elderly people in the area blighted by the icy conditions last winter.

His plans never came to fruition but he racked his brains to come up with a use for the aging army truck.

In the end he decided it would be perfect for St George’s Day and set off around the area having decorated his truck with St George’s Crosses to make the special day.

He said, at its most full, the truck had about 17 passengers, young and old, on board, waving the St George’s cross.

Children had fun flying the flag dressed in military fancy dress as the van made its way around local villages and towns.

Carl, who organised similar events for the last two Royal Jubilee celebrations, said: “It was great – everyone cheered when they saw us.

“I like to plant memories in children’s minds that last forever.”

He said he is already getting the ball rolling on plans for next year, planning to drag a 1930s bus he is currently restoring as part of his parade.