‘Staggering’ yes to plea for a cinema

Thousands of people have backed pleas for a cinema at Giltbrook Retail Park in an ‘absolutely staggering’ response,
 according to the councillor leading the campaign.

Cllr Richard Robinson launched a public consultation back in February, and in under six weeks has had the ‘thumbs up’ from more than 2,000 people – the largest response he has had in over 20 years as a councillor.

“I have never had a response like this. It’s absolutely staggering,” he said.

“It’s absolutely by far the largest response I have received to any survey I have ever conducted.

“Every single day I’m getting people emailing, sending forms back or just commenting online,” he added

Cllr Robinson distributed leaflets asking for feedback and has so far received 1,223 votes in favour online, 500 signatures on petitions, more than 50 emails and nearly 100 texts or returned survey slips.

Just 35 people have expressed their objection to the plans, saying they are concerned about traffic and congestion.

The Ikea island has been notorious for traffic problems over the years, with councillors campaigning to get the lane layout changed.

But Cllr Robinson said the cinema would be the perfect excuse to finally get something done.

“It would give us a really good opportunity to review the whole structure and road layout,” he said.

The Kimberley councillor is aiming to get 5,000 positive responses before handing the feedback over to retail park owners British Land in April.

“They said go away and find the evidence and that is exactly what I have done, said Cllr Robinson.

“I want to get as near to 5,000 as possible, put the evidence to them and say this is all the people saying they want something done.

“I feel it’s a strong figure to present, and we’re a good way there so far,” he added.

Cllr Robinson said the cinema would be a ‘win win’ situation at the retail park, with restaurants such as Nandos and Frankie and Benny’s all cashing in.

Visit richardsrobinson.org.uk/cinema-project-2013-giltbrook-retail-park.