Station needs disabled access

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A community group fed up of seeing pleas to have Langley Mill station fitted with disabled access brushed aside - are calling for support.

Members of the Heanor and District 50+ Group say they have been campaigning for a ramped bridge to be installed there for three years – which would allow wheelchair users to get to the southbound platform.

They have repeatedly made cases to the Department for Transport - but have been told that the station does not qualify for grant money because not enough people use it.

But after assurances from Network Rail that Alfreton station stands a good chance of getting the disabled access it needs, secretary of the 50+ group Judith Woolley is calling on agencies, councils and community groups to get together and push for the case at Langley Mill.

She said: “There’s no reason why a bridge could not be built for around £300,000.

“The problem is that people have given up and don’t want the fight. My question is why is Langley Mill not allowed to put forward a proposition for that access money?”

Since 2009 the 50 + group have written to the Amber Valley MP, The Transport Secretary and the Department for Health.

But they have been told that footfall is not great enough to warrant the expenditure.

But group treasurer Glenys Tucker, who has severe arthritis in both legs says this formula is unfair and organisations need to join together to put renewed pressure on the Department of Transport.

“If I’m going south I go into Derby station first - rather than struggle up these steps.” She said.

“If I’m heading south back to Langley Mill I have to stay on the train to Notttingham, get a coffee, use the toilets and get a train back. I think it’s disgusting. Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean to say I’ve got all the time in the world.”

At present 30 steep steps need to be navigated in order to get to the southbound platform.