Still a big success 37 years down line


An amateur dramatics group in Kimberley has been going strong since 1979.

NOWMADS – which has members who have been there since its inception – stage two performaces a year, a musical and a pantomime, at The Kimberley School.

Cast member and producer Graham Lambert said the group attracted people from all walks of life, and was great to build young people’s confidence.

“I think it’s good becasue you get a wide variety of people from the community, and with youngsters it’s great for building their confidence. It really helped my granddaughter’s confidence.

“I was with the group for six months before anybody asked me what I did for a living, and I loved that.

“Everybody gets treated equally which is how it should be.”

NOWMADS has a great reputation in the local area.

“We are always trying to improve things,” said Mr Lambert.

“We always have an orchestra and we do a lot of rehearsals. It’s the hard work of the people involved.

“People are very committed to it, and that makes a big difference.”

Mr Lambert said his favourite roles were acting or producing, and he will be producing next year’s show which will probably be My Fair Lady.

The group has between 30 to 35 members, ranging from children to pensioners.

“People tend to stay with us a long time. Most of the ones who leave are teenagers who go to university but often they come back when they are finished their studies.”

The talented actors and actresses stage sell out performances every time.

“Last year we did Beauty and the Beast for our panto and it was really successful,” said Mr Lambert.

“It was sold out most nights as most of our shows seem to be, which is great.

“We advertise and do posters and promotion locally and in a lot of cases it’s word of mouth.

“People come to see us but often think it’s going to be a very amature affair because it’s at a school.

“But I thnk people come along and they’re impressed at what they see.”

Mr Lambert, who lives in Nuthall said, the group would love a bigger stage.

“We have some really good, talented people of all ages.

“What we really need is a nice theatre but there’s nothing in the area. I think our performances are really for a proper theatre setting, but it’s finding one in the area.

“I’m hoping in the future there might be something like that to come out of the old brewery site, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Their next performance is The Wizard of Oz, which is being staged during half term, October 24th to the 28th.

Tickets cost between £9 and £10 and the box office number to call is 0115 9194322.

“It was chosen because it appeals top all ages.

“Obviously it’s a good musical with iconic songs and a great storyline.”

NOWMADS funds its performances from ticket sales alone. Sometimes they get contributions from local councillors.