Store noise is still ‘unbearable’

AN ELDERLY couple in Kimberley say they are still having problems with loud noises coming from Sainsbury’s supermarket almost a year after it re-opened.

Margaret and Les Smith, of Broomfield Road, complained about the noise coming from the fans and generators last summer after the store refurbishment, and they say it is still unbearable.

Environmental Health recently put noise monitoring equipment into the couple’s property, but it did now show any signs it was too loud.

However, Mr Smith said he is still having sleepless nights and he thinks the noise is coming from the air conditioning units and refrigeration units.

“It’s still exactly the same. It’s incredible,” he said. “You drop off to sleep and then you wake up early hours of the morning to this noise and you can’t get back to sleep.”

Sainsbury’s has made several alterations after several other residents in Broomfield Road complained about noise and light.

But Mr Smith, 82, said none of the measures taken have resolved his problem.

“As far as I can see the alterations they have made have been mainly cosmetic and have been to resolve the problems with lights shining in windows,” he added. “They have not actually addressed any of our problems at all.”

The couple, who live in the old methodist church behind the store, contacted Kimberley councillor Andy Cooper who admitted Sainsbury’s was ‘doing its best’ to solve residents’ concerns.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “We have held a number of meetings with local residents and several concerns have now been addressed. We are committed to resolving the noise issue highlighted by Mr and Mrs Smith as quickly as possible.”