Strike action shuts schools

LESSONS were disrupted at schools across Eastwood and Kimberley this week after teachers joined a national strike over pensions.

Hundreds of teachers took part in the national industrial action yesterday (Thursday, June 30) leaving some schools closed and many with reduced lessons.

It is expected that 750,000 public sector workers across the country, including teachers and job centre staff, will walk out because of a row with central Government over pensions which they say will see them working for longer and paying more into a pension, but coming out with less.

Five schools in are area were completely closed for the day because of the number of teachers on strike. Only four schools were open as normal and unaffected.

The headteacher at Brookhill Leys Primary School which is one of those open as normal, Jacquie Sainsbury, said: “I have got teachers in school that agree they are getting a hard deal, but they don’t feel they can strike and put the community through it.”

Gilthill Primary School in Kimberley was open but with no year four or five classes on.

Headteacher Peter Callaway said: “We’ve got two teachers striking. Other teachers are supportive of the action but so far it is only two unions, the NUT and the ATL that have balloted their members.”

Ivan Wels, division secretary for Nottinghamshire NUT, said: “It’s a robbery of the teachers’ pensions.

“The Government says it can’t afford it but that’s nonsense. It’s self-funded. People are very angry.”