Support group releases a charity single

Launch of the British Lung Foundation charity single
Launch of the British Lung Foundation charity single

An Eastwood group that supports patients with lung disease has recorded a charity single.

Eastwood’s Breathe Easy group took to a recording studio in Langley Mill for their take on Bill Withers’ song ‘Lean on Me’.

All the proceeds will go the British Lung Foundation.

Breathe Easy trustee Teresa Burgoyne said: “I asked around in the group and it was amazing how many people had an interesst in singing.

“We invited the Gedling and Nottingham Breathe Easy groups to join us and it all went from there.

“The song is perfect in representing how our lung health patients share their experiences and support each other.”

Teresa said she was proud of the single and they all had great fun.

“We’re very proud of it.

“It was great fun. We all had three chances to do each part, and then I picked the best of the three. We had such a laugh becasue there wer a lot of out-takes!.

“It was such an amazing afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the whole experience. None of us will ever experience anything like that I ever again.”

Teresa said the single was among the ‘hot hits’ on Amazon.

“We’ve been up there with George Micheal’s hot hits!

“There was a point where one of George Micheal’s songs was behind us. On Amazon’s hot new releases we were number 19 and he was 20!”

Teresa and the Breathe Easy committee wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of singing for people who suffered conditions such as COPD.

“People don’t really think about singing as a good therpy but it exercises your lungs, and it also makes you feel good at the same time.

Teresa said singing increased lung capacity, helped with breathlessness and strengthened respiratory muscles due to the slow and deep breathing.

“People can have depression with these conditions and theres’ nothing better than having a good old sing song,” said Teresa.

“It makes you feel positive and confident, and there are social benefits as well because you make new friends.”

The single was released on September 11 and Teresa said it was the group’s biggest project yet.

The group of 20 patients recorded the single along with a couple of committee members and COPD nurses at SWR recording studio in Langley Mill.

Liz Moulder, the conductor of Eastwood Male Voice Choir got the group together and Roger Kidd, a member of Eastwood Photographic Society, made the video.

Eastwood band, Brotherhood, who recently opened Splendour Festival, did the backing track and promotion video.

A member of the Eastwood group Ethel Duggan lost her husband just two weeks before, and did the song in his memory.

The single is available to download on Amazon and itunes through the British Lung Foundation website.

The committee will be able to find out in the next two weeks aho well the single is doing and how much it has raised.

“We want people to support us and download the song. Every penny goes to reaseach at the British Lung Foundation,” said Teresa.

The group held a ‘launch lunch’ and get together at Eastwood’s Catholic Church on Wednesday of this week.

Breathe Easy, which supports both patients and their carers, meets once a month at Hilltop Catholic Church.

They also now run a singing class every Wednesday from 2.30pm until 3.30pm.

To buy the single visit