Surge in purse dipping

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Theft at the moment is escalating and talking to Inspector Deborah Regan the other day she told me that we need people to be careful with their handbags and shopping bags.

There have been a lot of instances of ‘purse dipping’ where purses are taken from handbags that have been left open.

Also, when people are taking a large amount of cash from the bank we need them to be extra vigilant.

Elderly people have been targeted for this recently and followed out of banks which as you’ll appreciate is quite alarming.

This is a pattern right across the county and also into Derbyshire so it is not just restricted to Eastwood.

Can I appeal to dog walkers? The street fouling in Eastwood is appalling and I get so many complaints about this.

Bags for the disposal of are really inexpensive.

If you love your dog and respect our town, pick it up please!

Congregating outside corner stores that sell alcohol seems to appeal to a small group of individuals in Eastwood.

Our police can move these groups on but they return after a short time and the anti-social behaviour they are causing affects residents and is not nice.

We have a wonderful youth centre in Eastwood so why don’t you come? 
There is plenty to do and at this time of the year it has to better than hanging around freezing on street corners.

Come on and pay us a visit, if you’re bored come to Eastwood Youth Centre.

Alternatively there is a youth group at the Phoenix Club so why not join and enjoy a game of pool?

Together we can help the police.

If you see anything suspicious ring 101 for non emergency or to report a crime in progress ring 999.

The police need the intelligence so your calls matter, they really do.

Let’s do all we can to support our local police and help them to cut crime.