Surprised at junction claim


I was quite surprised to read Councillor Gail Turner’s assertion that the A608, B600, Church Lane junction at Underwood is dangerous.

Whilst I accept that at times many may consider it to be congested, especially at peak times, this is no worse than a great many local intersections at similar times, and somewhat less congested than many more.

I have been using this junction for 45 years and have never once considered it to be in the slightest bit dangerous.

I would say, though, I consider many motorists to be dangerous, but this would apply wherever they go, and not just at the Underwood intersection.

I would like to know exactly what facts and statistics Cllr Turner has which lend support to her view that the junction is dangerous.

After all, whether or not a junction is thought to be dangerous, it is, in the end, a matter of opinion and not a fact as Councillor Turner would have it.

I’m sure many more users of this intersection would agree, as I am also sure that the cost of providing a new traffic roundabout would be far better spent addressing other more urgent traffic issues in the area.

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