Sutton man’s birthday night ended in CS gas and two black eyes

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A Sutton butcher celebrated his 26th birthday in Mansfield by getting CS gassed by police after an altercation in a takeaway, a court has heard.

Ricky John Harris, of Chatsworth Street, admitted using threatening and abusive words and resisting a police officer when he appeared before magistrates in Mansfield on Thursday.

He entered Chick King, on Leeming Street, on August 5, just after midnight, with his girlfriend and appeared quite angry as he ordered food, said Robert Carr, prosecuting.

He began shouting abuse and swearing at staff and threw food around, then walked off without paying. When asked for £2, he threw coins at a member of staff.

The police were called and PCs Grant and Johnson tried to handcuff him, but he pulled away, said Mr Carr.

“He began to thrash his body with such force that he pulled the two officers across the road and into the fire door of the Widow Frost pub.”

Harris continued to resist arrest and banged his head into PC Grant’s. He was given a short blast of CS gas which “appeared to calm him down, but then it started to affect the officers.”

Mr Carr said: “Mr Harris started to become violent again. PC Johnson had to strike him but that wasn’t effective.”

Eventually he was brought to the floor with the help of door staff.

Simon King, mitigating, said: “The person who came off worse was Mr Harris with cuts and bruises and two black eyes. He had quite a number of injuries.”

He said Harris, a butcher, delivered meat to the Chick King on a daily basis and was friendly with the staff who gave him free food.

“He is extremely ashamed and embarrassed by his conduct. He had had far too much to drink. Consequently he behaved in a boorish, aggressive and unpleasant manner.”

Harris appeared before the court in March for a public order offence after becoming involved in a fight in the town centre.

Magistrates imposed a six month community order, with a rehabilitation activity requirement to address his alcohol consumption.

He was fined £30 and ordered to pay compensation of £50 each to the shop worker he abused and to PC Grant, as well as court costs of £85.