Teenager smashes Usain Bolt record

Ryan Gorman, 15, has beaten Ussain Bolt's under 15s record for the 200 metres
Ryan Gorman, 15, has beaten Ussain Bolt's under 15s record for the 200 metres

A lightening fast teenager has his sights set on glory after clocking a time an incredible 0.05 of a second quicker than Olympic champion Usain Bolt managed when he was the same age.

Ryan Gorman, who goes to Aldercar Community Language College, has become an overnight althlete sensation after his 21.76 time at the England Under 17’s Indoor Championship 200 Metre Final was recently classed as the fastest by a 14-year-old in European history.

The Codnor teenager smashed the personal best of four-time Olympic champion and world record holder, Bolt, when he was 14.

The star in the making even did so without using starting blocks, which is a major head-turner in athletics.

Ryan, now 15, said: “It’s a weird feeling actually – I never would have thought I would run quicker than him.”

Ryan set the time in Birmingham in February, but as no official records are kept for British 14-year-olds, the time has only recently been verified by the British Athletics Association.

Usain Bolt’s personal best was 21.81 seconds when he was 14. But the Jamaican sprint legend may have even had an advantage over Ryan, as Bolt set his best on an outdoor track, with starting blocks and wider corners compared to the tight indoor course.

Ryan, who has only been with Notts Athletics Club for 18 months, and is currently second in the UK rankings for his age group, is remaining level-headed.

He said: “I’m just going to keep on training and racing and see where it gets me.”

But the teen has not ruled out the possibility of competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“The Olympics is my ultimate goal,” he said: “My family and friends think I could be ready in time. But we’ll have to wait and see.”

For now mum Rebecca 38, and dad Lee, 41, say they are proud. Rebecca said: “It’s really all about him enjoying it right now. It’s all a bonus that he’s doing well!”