Temperatures are rising and jokes are drying up

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

The experts have run the figures and it is now official - July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded, writes Steve N Allen.

This has the double-effect of giving us a temporary break from people who say climate change can't be real because it was cold in winter and also it stops people saying, 'oh, you think this is hot, I remember the summer of 1976'.

It was nippy by comparison.

I put forward another theory, that August 2019 is the least funny month in the UK.

I am currently performing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe called Better Than.

This year there are more comedy performers putting on shows than ever before.

Therefore anywhere that isn't Edinburgh surely has fewer comedy performers in it than it has for the rest of the year.

It's a funny drought.

In a similar way to extreme weather events being part of a larger trend I think the humour deficit in August shows a general decline in people having a sense of humour.

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When I mentioned climate change earlier someone probably got all upset because they prefer to think it's a hoax and can't take a joke.

Do you remember when you didn't give two hoots about trade deals?

If someone brought up the issue of a customs union you'd mock them for being the dullest person in the pub.

Now if someone hears a point of view they disagree with they don't have a laugh about it the take to Twitter is issue death threats.

The world is becoming hotter and less funny.

We're all sweating and not smiling, it's like we're living in a gym.

If you need an antidote to a hot, humourless world, head to Edinburgh during August.

You can see my stand up show and it's Scotland where the weather makes you feel like it's winter again.

Steve N Allen is a comedian and broadcaster who was brought up in Sutton-in-Ashfield. He is presenting Better Than at this year’s Edinburgh Festival at the Stand 2 Venue until August 25 at 8.50pm each night.