Tesco blamed for anti-social vandals

NEAALM110504C1 - Hilltop eastwood tesco express
NEAALM110504C1 - Hilltop eastwood tesco express
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A MEMBER of Eastwood’s Royal British Legion blamed the Tesco store at Hilltop for the recent spate of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the town.

Maria Kirk said the Tesco Express store had encouraged underage drinking and fuelled anti-social behaviour since it opened at the beginning of this year, as many people had predicted.

And she said she blamed the store for the spate of vandalism at the end of April which saw the war memorial trashed and trees planted by children ripped up in Coronation Park.

“I’m sure the trouble we had with the memorial and the trees on the park was fuelled by drink bought there,” she said.

Mrs Kirk said youths had been seen on the said weekend ‘so drunk they could not stand up’.

Tesco carrier bags had been seen strewn around the area and there were bottles ‘all over the floor,’ she said.

The Nottingham Road resident initially brought the matter up at an Eastwood Town Council meeting last month.

“Anti-social behaviour has definitely increased in the area since it opened. It’s the easy availability of alcohol,” she said.

“It affects the whole neighbourhood. I don’t go up on the park a lot myself, but people are mentioning it all the time.”

Tesco at Hilltop opened up earlier this year after a lot of protest by local residents and councillors.

Residents in Nottingham Road campaigned against the new store at the time because of fears over anti-social behaviour, with over 600 signatures added to a petition handed to Broxtowe Borough Council before the plans were given the thumbs up.

Tesco failed to respond to our repeated requests for a comment.