The Kimberley Jam is ready to rock....

Kimberley Jam
Kimberley Jam

A respected local charity that supports children diagnosed with brain tumours and other cancers is encourating people to get involved with their latest event — the Kimberley Jam.

The Ryan Lee Trust was set up by Deb and Shaun Lee, of Nuthall, in 2010.

It was launched in memory of the couple’s son, Ryan, who tragically died from brain tumours at the age of 15.

Now the charity is gearing up for the Jam, its latest fundraiser, which will involve a day of music and celebration at pubs in Kimberley.

On Saturday June 21, public houses throughout the town will be taking part in the event with live music being played from 3pm onwards to raise money for the local charity.

Graham Cooke, organiser of the event, said that the people involved are trying to make it a success for the town, and the charity.

He added: “Everyone is really excited about our festival, I can guarantee our revellers will enjoy fantastic music and ale.”

Deb Lee said that the charity isn’t just about two parents remembering their son, it’s about making a difference.

She added: “Hopefully we are going to make a lot of money, it’s quite exciting. The charity is really starting to make a difference now.

“I hope a lot of people will get involved, we have lost so many children just this year, children who we thought were going to recover and get on with their lives.

“It would be great if other charities would get involved and work with us.”

Deb, who quit her job to run the trust, said that they don’t just support the children, but their families too.

“What I would like to say to people is that if they have children with any neurological cancer, then we want them to get in touch.”

Graham added: “The original seeds (for the event) were sewn with the demise of the Kimberley Pram Race. We kind of neededsomething to take its place and bring a little life back to our town.

“I spoke about the idea with Ian ‘Jock’ Campbell literally a few days before he sadly passed away and he was instrumental in its conception.”