The Lady Chatterley is crowned winner

G & M Motors Eastwood
G & M Motors Eastwood

The results are in and Eastwood folk have named a new pub opening up in the town.

Advertiser readers were asked to name the new Wetherspoons opening up in Nottingham Road, and they chose The Lady Chatterley.

People were given seven options to choose from, and their favourite – named after one of the DH Lawrence’s most famous novels ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ – won with 40 per cent of the votes.

Alice Rowley said she jjus loved the name and Ron Smith said it would attract people to the town because of its links with DH Lawrence.

Carol Mills agreed the name would help boost the town’s economy.

“It is directly associated with Lawrence and is understood worldwide to relate to him and Eastwood,” she said

“Lawrence contributes to tourism, which is beneficial to the local economy. Weatherspoons should acknowledge this with an a themed interior,” she added.

Margaret Day agreed saying Lawrence brought people into the town from abroad.

“People come to see where he lives and all sorts. It’s the most appropriate name,” she said.

Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin described it as an ‘excellent name’.

“We are delighted that people in Eastwood have responded in numbers to our request for them to choose the name,” he said.

“Our aim is always to reflect the local history and characters of the town and The Lady Chatterley is an excellent name for our pub in Eastwood.

“We look forward to opening The Lady Chatterley on June 24,” he said.

Readers were asked to name the £1m pub after The Gooseberry Hall, decided on by Wetherspoons, was met with criticism from locals who said it did not reflect the town.

The Headstocks came a close second with 31 per cent of the votes. Throttleha’penny and The Lighthouse both received 11 per cent of the votes, while The Gooseberry Hall received five per cent, and Uplands house two per cent.

The Honour of Peveral received no votes.