Thefts from 999 emergency vehicles

Ambulances ready for action
Ambulances ready for action

Handcuffs and a paramedic uniform are among items stolen by thieves targeting emergency vehicles in Ashfield and Broxtowe, information obtained by the Advertiser reveals.

A list of items taken from ambulances and police cars has been released by the emergency services under the Freedom of Information Act.

So far this year a paramedic’s shell jacket was stolen from an ambulance in Broxtowe in June and a work mobile phone was taken from an ambulance in January.

In June 2010, a set of police handcuffs were stolen from a police car in Sutton-in-Ashfield and the year before a Blackberry mobile phone was also taken.

Most unusually, a door lock was stolen from a police car in Chilwell in April 2011.

A spokesman for East Midlands Ambulance Service said it had started using CCTV to identify offenders.

He added: “We take such acts very seriously because, for example, the theft of a Satnav unit or medical equipment means that the ambulance has to be taken off the road and isn’t available to respond to 999 calls.

“Our Crime and Security Management Team has for the last five years delivered the highest number of successful sanctions nationally out of all NHS Trusts. Such crimes cannot and will not go unpunished.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire police said the thefts of the Blackberry and handcuffs had been opportunistic thefts by people being carried in police vehicles, and both people were charged.

He added: “Police officers are human beings and as such they can too can fall victim to crime.

“Wherever possible, we follow our own advice, by locking doors and securing windows when the vehicle is unattended.”