Thief’s ‘bad trip’ on legal high sparked shoplifting

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A Worksop thief stole from a shop to buy heroin after having bad side effects from ‘two puffs’ on the legal high drug black mamba, a court has heard.

Gary John Storey, 34, of Kilton Crescent, Worksop, admitted stealing meat worth £25 from the Morrisons store in Worksop on March 21.

The court heard Storey experienced anxiety and an accelerated heart rate after taking the synthetic drug.

Ruth Snodin, prosecuting, said: “Gary has tried really hard to sort himself out and it is a shame that he is back here today.

“He does have a terrible record of dishonesty.”

Yvonne Wragg, mitigating, said: “He tells me that he was in the middle of a detox when he took two puffs on a ‘black mamba’ spliff.

“It hit him very hard on this occasion. A friend advised him to take a ‘downer’. That is why he stole food from the shop to buy heroin.

“It’s had a very, very bad effect on him.”

The court heard Storey was taking methadone to manage his addiction to heroin and that he owed the courts £1,450 in fines and court charges.

The theft put him breach of a six-month conditional discharge for shoplifting that was imposed in February.

Storey told magistrates: “I am very disappointed. I thought the last time I was in court would be a turning point.

“I have been clean for five years before. I know I can do it.”

The case was adjourned for probation reports before sentencing.