Thought for the week Christmas 2011

Christmas comes once a year (huge sighs of relief all round) Yet the wonder and awe of the first Christmas still remains.

The truth that God became flesh and lived among us in the shape of the baby in the manger, who became the Saviour of the world on a wooden cross and who lives on in the Christian belief today. I would like to look again at some of the key bits of the story again.

When the shepherds considered the lowest in the status of life, and tradition in that time were chosen to see the glorious vision of the angels and hear the words, “I bring you good news, for to you this day is born a saviour who is Christ the lord.”

They had to go and see for themselves this child, when they saw the baby and its parents, they went away praising God and rejoicing in what they had seen and heard.

Next we recall the visit of the three wise men. They were scholars and had studied all the signs. When they saw the star they followed it until they found the baby and its parents, then having given their gifts and paid their respects, they too went on their way rejoicing and thankful for what they had seen and experienced.

The last part of the story goes to Mary, the mother of Jesus, who it is written, saw and experienced all these things and pondered them deeply in her heart.

What an experience after all she had been through, yet in a way only a mother can, she quietly accepted and honoured God in all she did.

So, as you share Christmas with all its preparation and enjoyment, take a moment or two to remember without this reality of God’s love to us in Jesus, there would be no Christmas for us and no hope for the world.

Perhaps be like the shepherds and rejoice in the good news, or maybe look into the events a bit deeper and experience as the wise men did the full wonder and majesty of God as it reveals itself. Or maybe look and see how the love and obedience of Mary revealed the fullness of Gods love to us all, and ponder on them. Whatever you do, have a happy Christmas and may God Bless You all.

“God so loved the world that he gave us his son Jesus Christ, that all who believe in him may have eternal life.”

John Farrington