Thugs ‘terrorise’ Kimberley OAP

A gang of men burst into a pensioner’s home in Kimberley demanding money and threatening to kill her.

The thugs repeatedly punched and kicked Balwinder Dhami, sprayed her in the face with detergent, threatened to pour boiling hot custard over her and held a knife to her throat.

NDET 29-8-12 MC 8'Balwinder Dhami with son Harnack Dhami following her brutal attack at her Kimberley home.

NDET 29-8-12 MC 8'Balwinder Dhami with son Harnack Dhami following her brutal attack at her Kimberley home.

Her son Harnack Dhami said the men ‘terrorised her’ during the horrific ordeal.

“It’s a horrendous crime. Just sick,” he said.

“They said we are staying here all night until we get what we want. They terrified her.”

The men forced their way into the widow’s house in Basset Close last Saturday at 8pm.

When the 69-year-old heard a knock at the door she thought it was someone collecting money for her bin that had been cleaned.

As she looked through the peep hole she saw one man smartly dressed.

“As soon as she opened the door she got a punch in the face,” said Mr Dharmi. “She fell backwards and he grabbed her by the throat and dragged her up the hallway.

“Three other men then walked in behind and locked the door.”

Mr Dhami said the first man held her down and punched her repeatedly, asking for money while the other three went into the lounge and looked around for things to steal.

“He grabbed an item of clothing from nearby and put it around her mouth, almost gagging her to stop her from screaming.

“She couldn’t breath and she was begging him to stop. She said she was almost blacking out.

“One of the others then came out the lounge and said ‘tell us where the money is or we’ll kill you’.

“They got a knife out the kitchen and held it to her throat demanding money and another one went to the bathroomn and got some cleaning spray. They sprayed it in her eyes and said ‘if you don’t tell me I’ll do it again’.”

The callous thugs then dragged her into the lounge by her neck where they poured fizzy drink all over her and threatened her with boiling hot custard out of the kitchen.

Mr Dharmi said: “They poured Lucozade all over her and all over the furniture and the carpet, then tried to force the bottle down her throat.

“They then got hot custard out of the kitchen that she had been making and said ‘if you don’t tell us where it is we will pour this over you’.

“Because they weren’t getting any money they were getting frustrated and it was getting worse and worse,” he added.

Mr Dhami said one of then men then punched his mum to the side of the head and she blacked out.

“It’s the level of violence that’s just obscene. I thought the shock might kill her,” he said.

The men got away with five bangles Mrs Dhami was wearing, the necklace from around her neck that had been passed down to her by her mother, and £24 in cash.

The pensioner is now struggling to walk because the men stood on her knee, and has bad bruising to her face.

Police are appealing for witnesses. The four men were white and aged betwen 18 and 21.One was wearing a blue hat or cap.

Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.