Thumbs-up for boost to buses

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With Christmas on the horizon, the villagers of Selston have received an early present — a newly beefed-up bus bus service.

Trent Barton will be operating a Rainbow One service in Selston to connect with the Rainbow One through Eastwood and on to Nottingham.

The buses will run through Selston, from Monday to Friday until 10.28pm. The service launches on Monday (December 2).

The company is also introducing direct buses from Selston to Nottingham on a Sunday to run every two hours between 10am and 5.30pm. These launch this Sunday (December 1).

Residents in Selston raised the issue of the village’s bus service being poor in a coffee morning hosted by MP Gloria De Piero earlier this month.

The MP said she was pleased things were about to change for the better.

She said: “Time and time again residents have told me how the lack of bus provision in rural areas like Selston has a massive impact on their day to day lives.

“Only the other week at one of my regular coffee mornings at the Tin Hat Centre it was an issue that was raised once again.

“There was real anger and people complained to me that they faced a constant battle because the lack of bus 
provision in the community made them feel isolated and cut off.

“I promised local folk I would write again to local bus companies, including Trent Barton, and council chiefs to find out what more could be done to help and I’m really grateful for the positive response and the changes that are due to come into effect.

“The pressure has paid off and it represents a good victory and I’m glad that the company have recognised how important this issue is.

“However, I am still concerned at the level of bus provision across the constituency and will continue to do all I can to improve the situation.”