Time to be rid of coalition


Clive Trussell is absolutely right when he states people are finding that their money runs out faster now than it did under Labour.

There are also more people out of work, the price of petrol and many other commodities are much higher than they were under Labour.

The number of housing fore-closures is rising at an alarming rate, the elderly have already lost £50 of their heating allowance, with a chance they may lose it altogether along with their bus pass (much as I predicted).

Our NHS which is the envy of the world (and another fine Labour initiative) is being dismantled much to the delight of the private health providers and Tory party donors.

After his performances during the pre-election TV debates, for which he should have received a political equivalent of an Oscar, Nick Clegg has broken almost every pledge he made, on police numbers, VAT, tuition fees, fuel allowance, the NHS etc, (the list is far too long to mention here).

Together this so-called coalition has negotiated more u-bends than a 70-year-old plumber, but I’m sure that all of this will be remembered come the next elections whichever they are and whoever they are.

This coalition is tearing the country apart, let us be rid of it.

Cllr Don Rowley

Walters Avenue