Top 10 handy hints to cure your festive hangover

Bacon sandwich
Bacon sandwich

The Christmas holidays are often a time when people have one tipple too many – whether gathered with family on Christmas Day, celebrating with friends on New Year’s Eve or letting your hair down at the staff party.

The Advertiser is on hand to offer some of our top tips to sooth a sore head the next day:

Plenty of water and an alka-seltzer: This age-old classic will most importantly rehydrate you (as a hangover is mostly dehydration) and the alka-seltzer contains both aspirin to tackle a headache and an anti-acid to neutralise excess stomach acid.

Eggs on toast – Alcohol lowers your blood-sugar so most importantly you need to eat something. However, bread is a plain carbohydrate which will help settle your stomach and eggs contain large amounts of cysteine which mops up the toxins left by the alcohol, making it the perfect combination to get you back to your normal self.

Bananas, kiwis or a sports drink – all three contain potassium which is lost due to alcohol’s diuretic effect. Potassium is needed by your body to ensure the proper function of all cells, tissues and organs.

A long hot shower – naturally you will probably wake up feeling grubby after a night of dancing so freshening up will make you feel human again.

Go for a walk – although one of the last things you want to do when you’re suffering, getting some fresh air will do you the world of good. The same principle applies as it does when you feel ill – the less you do the less you want to do.

Bacon sandwich and a glass of orange juice – another scientifically proven cure as the bacon provides amino acids craved by your body and the fruit juice boosts your system with sugar and vitamin C.

Green tea and lemon water – it sounds a bit too healthy for how you are feeling but the green tea helps to flush out the toxins left by the alcohol and the lemon water rehydrates.

Kick it early – if you wake up in the night grab a glass of water and the recommended dose of ibuprofen before 
going back to bed and you might just avoid the hangover altogether.

Avoid alcohol and coffee – the hair of the dog just delays the inevitable and coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you even more.

Sleep it off – if you really have overdone it the night before then the best cure is to sleep it off. Alcohol disrupts your sleep, and you probably had a later night than normal so it will restore your sleep reserves.