Tories re-take Broxtowe council

New leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Conservative Richard Jackson
New leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Conservative Richard Jackson

Broxtowe’s local elections have seen a sweeping victory by the Conservatives with punishing blows to the opposition as a number of key councillors failed to hold their seats.

Richard Jackson, councillor for Attenborough and Chilwell East, has been declared the new leader of Broxtowe Borough Council with an outright majority of 25 seats and two more yet to be announced in Kimberley.

Celebrating among the Tory camp

Celebrating among the Tory camp

It’s a fine result and follows Anna’s result.

And his assurances to the people of Broxtowe are a stronger protection of the greenbelt

We’re the only party that’s opposed it for the past five or six years.

“We’re going to be starting with the tram and breathing life back into our town centres.

“The council is due for some compensation fro the tram promoters, and we’re not going to support the tram in Kimberley until we’ve seen the impact in Beeston and all the lessons of the construction have been learned.”

Labour leader Milan Radulovic required a re-count on his seat at Eastwood Hall as two ballot boxes were originally un-accounted for.

He said “congratulations” to Richard for winning the majority.

“What’s happened in Broxtowe reflects the picture nationally and I hope they do their best to represent all the people of Broxtowe. Anything I can do to help their transition into office I’ll be happy to do. I wish them all the best for the future.

Milan said he would be thinking over the decision of whether to continue as Labour leader.

“I don’t want to have to think about politics for a while to be honest. I just want to go home and get my garden done.”

Anna Soubry said the Conservative result in Broxtowe was “astronishing”.

Before the majority was announced she added: “The big message has come out of Stapleford North. Councillor Richard Macrae took it after a fierce campaign for the Greenbelt.

“In Bramcote an Ex-Leader of the council is gone. In my view it’s because he took the wrong decision on the greenbelt. We’ve got these results because the big issue there was the greenbelt. What’s the big issue in Toton? The greenbelt. In Kimberley, the issue there is democracy and integrity. If we have taken those seats that’s a powerful message that they need to represent all the people and not just a small clique.”

Kimberley’s Borough and Town Council results are delayed until Monday, requiring a re-count to address a tight competition between Labour’s Andy Cooper and Richard Robinson.