‘Totally disgusted’ at park vandalism

A resident said he was ‘shocked’ and ‘totally disgusted’ by the youths who ripped up newly laid plants in a Kimberley park.

Basil Syson – who used to personally keep the park clean and tidy – said he was devastated to hear youths had ripped the plants up after the tax payer had forked out £50,000 improving the site.

Mr Syson, who lives just opposite the Knowle Park, said: “I think it’s disgusting, particularly after the money it cost to plant them.

“I was shocked at it. We have spent £50,000 on that park and then people let them get away with this.

“Why do the council bother putting them there? I think it’s terrible,” he added

As well as keeping it clean and tidy, Mr Syson also campaigned for more dog litter bins and personally planted two trees.

The 74-year-old, who has lived in Kimberley all his life, said: “I used to collect all the cans and all the bottles on there to keep it nice and tidy, so it saddens me to see anything like this going on.”

The border plants were vandalised and all ripped up on three occasions over New year.

More than £50,000 was spent on replacing equipment on the park and making it look nice last summer, and it was officially opened at the end of the year – just weeks before it was a target for vandals.

Kimberley Town Council is delivering letters to residents to ask if they saw anything.

Call police on 07525 989 434 or 101.