Town bus service 

A bus service that was given the axe in Eastwood has been reinstated after passengers repeatedly complained.

After the 103 service stopped passengers were forced to take longer journeys and walk further to other bus stops.

Phil Turner said it was ‘brilliant’ news the 103 was coming back, but it highlighted the importance of consultation.

“It might teach them (bus companies) to speak to their customers before they decide to do things,” he said.

“It’s fantastic news though. When I spoke to people no-one was using the other services. They were eighter walking or getting taxis.”

Mr Turner contacted the Advertiser at the end of last month, concerned for his wife who suffers Diabetes, and struggles to get about.

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero then wrote to Doyles, who manages the service.

Doyles manager Mervin Sanders, said: “There has been a lot of public pressure and we like to listen to our customers.

“We had feedback to our drivers that customers would prefer it how it was and we are very happy to put things back as they were.”

Mr Turner, who lives off Scalby Close, had told the Advertiser to get to Morrisons his wife had to walk 500 yards to Derby Road first or catch a bus that took 20 minutes instead of five.

Routes will go back to as they were before, but the timetable will be five minutes earlier. There will also be an additional lunchtime journey.