Town Council can work together

THE words of Eastwood Mayor Ken Woodhead rang a resounding note this week.

As a town councillor his bravery to come out and berate his fellow councillors on both sides of the party divide for their bickering deserves to be applauded.

I have criticised the party politics on show at Eastwood Town Council a great deal on these pages, pointing out time and time again, as have other correspondents on our letters page, that at this grassroots level, councillors should be working together for the good of the town not trying to score political points against each other.

There a clearly people on both sides who think these words only apply to their political opponents.

Well they don’t. There are people - both Liberal Democrat and Labour party councillors - who as soon as they get into the council chamber spend all their time arguing amongst themselves.

This must be stopped. This is not Westminster, it is Eastwood and the town needs all the support from its council it can get.

And on that note it was pleasing to see councillors from both sides of the chamber eventually agreeing to give pensioner Arthur Martin his allotment back because it was the right thing to do. The whole sorry affair has been handled badly from the very start.

When we broke the story in the Advertiser we were accused by certain members of Eastwood Town Council of blowing the situation out of proportion.

But the reaction of the public with over 100 residents turning up at the meeting where Mr Martin was given his allotment back showed that it was the council’s decision that was out of touch with the public’s opinion.

The story even made national headlines after appearing in the Advertiser, again a sign that it was the council who had got it wrong.

It was not us creating a mountain out of a molehill, rather the decision being completely misjudged.

Hopefully, the council can put this behind them now and get on with the important work it has in front of it.

The upcoming march of the Royal Engineers through the town is a great example of some of the great work this council is capable of.

Let’s have more of that because the people of Eastwood deserve better than the service they are getting at the moment.

Peter Hemmett