Town priorities for the year

THe leader of Eastwood Town Council highlighted key issues he thinks should be focused on over the next year at this week’s annual council meeting.

At the meeting on Monday night Cllr David Bagshaw said the state of the roads needed to be ‘continually surveyed’, and said parking charges was ‘an important item for discussion’.

“This scheme is causing businesses in Eastwood to close,” he said. “We have free parking in Giltbrook and Langley Mill and I’m positive this has impacted on the business trade in Eastwood.”

He said the council should make sure the promised review of the charges went ahead this year.

Cllr Bagshaw also said the war memorial would be refurbished and the grass verges needed attention because they were ‘poorly maintained’.

However speaking after the meeting Cllr Keith Longdon said he feared Cllr Bagshaw’s list of priorities would give the public ‘false hope’.

Cllr Longdon, who is also a county councillor for Eastwood, said the town council did not make final decisions over these matters, and the organisations that do, for example Nottinghamshire County Council, are strapped for cash.

He said there was ‘certainly not enough money’ to carry out major road resurfacing schemes and it was ‘highly unlikely’ that car parking charges would be removed by Broxtowe Borough Council.

After Labour councillor David Bagshaw was re-elected as council leader, Lib Dem councillor Bob Charlesworth was elected leader of the opposition party.

Labour’s Cllr Charlie Robb is deputy leader of the council and Keith Longdon was elected deputy leader of the Lib Dem group.

Newcomer Ken Woodhead is the new town mayor, and Cllr Ian Stevens was elected as his deputy.