Towns proud to be paving the way

Nuthall Parish Council
Nuthall Parish Council

Three Broxtowe towns have become the first in the district to be given more planning powers for their residents.

People living in Eastwood, Greasley and Nuthall will now have a much greater say in the development of their towns as their councils have been granted permission to draw up ‘neighbourhood plans’.

The change is part of the Localism Act 2012 which aims to get communities across the country more involved in shaping where they live.

Chairman of Nuthall Parish Council Philip Owen said that they were delighted that their application to draw up ‘neighbourhood plans’ had been approved by Broxtowe Borough Council at the meeting on Wednesday, September 17.

He added: “We are hoping local people will have a much greater input on what happens in their area, and that they will get the final say on issues.

“In Nuthall the Greenbelt is what we are anxious to protect as it provides a physical break between us and Nottingham city, so we would be seeking to protect future development there.”

The next step for these councils who have had their areas approved or ‘designated’ is to engage with as many residents and gather their views for future developments.

Kimberley Town Council have also submitted a ‘neighbourhood plans’ application, and in the wake of the Core Strategy decision last week which saw 150 homes approved for the area, Brinsley Parish Council have also applied for approval.

Selston Parish Council who had their application approved in December have already distributed their survey and drawn up objectives.