Traders divided by Kimberley tram plans

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Ambitious £180 million proposals to bring trams to Kimberley have divided traders in the town.

As a £70,000 faesibility study is set to investigate whether a tram line between Nottingham, Kimberley and Eastwood is possible, we went out and about to hear first-hand how shopkeepers felt about the plans.

Some business owners believe a tram network to the town could bring real benefits to Kimberley while others fear it could turn it into a ‘ghost town’.

Mark Holmes, owner of The Allotment fruit and veg shop on Main Street, said that he does not think local businesses will be affected adversely and that it could in fact bring more people to the area.

He added: “The majority of our customers live in the local area, not people travelling in so I can’t see how the trams will affect us.

“The more money that is injected into the retail park, the more money will come into the local area which can only be a good thing.”

However Alan Casseady-Bishop, owner of Mrs Bishop’s doggy deli across the road, believes it would ruin trade in Kimberley.

He said: “Forget about the temporary inconvenience, if the businesses survive to see it completed, Kimberley could become a ghost town.

“People driving through the town or on the bus often stop to visit the shops, but if the tram is going to the retail park people won’t get off halfway just to visit Kimberley.”

Other businesses such as Senior Vape said that without the tram being there it is impossible to know the effect it would have on the town.

Shopowner Carol Grace said: “It could bring more people to Kimberley.”

However, it could also mean that people will jump on the tram and go into Nottingham instead and this lovely little town will become a ghost town.”

Discussions investigating whether the tram could be extended even further to go through Langley Mill to Ripley are also underway.

We want to know what you think about this important scheme which could change Kimberley forever.

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