‘Tram should avoid the town centre’

Coun Bob Charlesworth
Coun Bob Charlesworth

A proposed tram route through Eastwood should avoid the town centre and instead use the existing Erewash Valley track line, say local town councillors.

Currently the suggested route for a local tram runs through the centre of Eastwood – but councillors say this proposal could threaten the project going ahead.

Eastwood town councillor Bob Charlesworth said: “There has been untold problems in Beeston town centre with disturbance and delays and this suggested route could stop the whole thing going ahead.

“Residents and business owners would quite rightly oppose the plans becasue they have seen the detrimental effect it has had in Beeston.”

Instead, the town council wants the tram to run alongside the existing Erewash Valley track line, and their suggestion will now form part of an official feasibility study over the next year.

As it stands, Broxtowe Borough Council suggests the tram runs through New Eastwood, past Addison Villas, across Church Street and down to Langley Mill.

But in their recent Neighbourhood Plan document looking at the future development of the town, councillors suggested a route avoiding residential streets altogether.

“There is a case for a corridor along the A610/Erewash valley that could prove beneficial for the town.

“We would suggest using the old tip site south of Chewton Street as a park and ride, as this site is contaminated and would not be safe for housing or employment,” said Coun Charlesworth.

Coun Charlesworth, said a transport link to Nottingham was desperately needed.

“There are only two routes into Nottingham – the Nuthall Island and the bridge under the M1 on the B600 and both are too busy. The M1 junction is one of the worse points of congestion in the whole of the East Midlands,” he said.