Tram would ‘suck life’ from business

07-2176-3  ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop
07-2176-3 ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop

Kimberley Residents’ Association has hit out at people campaigning to get the tram through the town, saying it would be a ‘terrible’ move.

Chairman of the association, Darren Warner, said the tram would make shoppers bypass Kimberley ‘sucking the life’ out of local business and would turn the town into a ‘mere suburb’ of greater Nottingham.

He said: “The tram will not increase the prosperity of Kimberley, it will make it easier to bypass the town, and if anything it will speed up the decline in local businesses which have already seen the life sucked out of them since the opening of the Phoenix Park.

“We would find ourselves involuntarily living in a new suburb of greater Nottingham, rather than an ancient small town with it’s separate independent identity from Nottingham city.

“People live in place’s like Kimberley for a reason, they don’t want to be part of the huge metropolis”, added Mr Warner.

The comments came after a Government planning inspector said last week the tram would be a ‘positive thing’ for the town, which should be regarded as desirable and enjoying reasonable prospects of being brought forward.”

But Mr Warner questioned her comments, asking ‘positive for who?’

He reckons it would be ‘impossible’ to build enough stops for the tram, which would therefore increase traffic with drivers travelling to their nearest stops, causing ‘chaos on the roads’.

Mr Warner said the money would be far better spent on the ‘crumbling road infrastructure’.

The action group KENTAG – Kimberley, Eastwood and Nuthall Tram Action Group – has been campaigning to get phase three of the Nottingham tram to the area for several years.

Members say the tram would be a ‘huge boost’ for the area and would cut down on traffic congestion.

Kimberley Residents’ Association plans to hold a public meeting about the tram.

Phase two is currently being built and will serve Clifton, Beeston and Toton.