Mobile and fixed speed camera locations throughout Nottinghamshire pinpointed

The police have released a list of every mobile and fixed speed camera in and around Nottinghamshire.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 7:34 am

Below are the locations of both types of cameras around Worksop and the rest of Nottinghamshire over the next few weeks, according to the Nottinghamshire Safety Camera Partnership.

Here is a list of all ‘core casualty locations’ where mobile speed cameras are deployed.

B682 Sherwood Rise, Nottingham to Hucknall lane Bulwell - 30mph

Nottinghamshire Road Safety Camera Partnership has released it mobile and static speed camera locations.

A6514 Valley Road, Sherwood - 40mph

B600 Nottingham Road, Nuthall - 30mph

B6004 Strelley Road / Broxtowe Lane / Stockhill Lane,Nottingham - 30mph

B6018 Church Hill Kirkby in Ashfield - 30mph

B6018 Sutton Road, Kirkby in Ashfield - 30mph

B6023 Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield - 30mph

A60 Leeming Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse - 30mph

A60 Mansfield Road, Huntingdon Street, Nottingham - 30mph

A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield - 30mph

A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield Road, Ravenshead - 40mph

A610 Bobbers Mill, Nottingham - 30mph

A611 Hucknall Road, Nottingham - 30mph

A6117 Old Mill Lane, Mansfield - 30/40mph

A60 Carlton Road Worksop - 30mph

A60 Doncaster Road, Carlton in Lindrick - 30mph

B6040 Retford Road, Worksop - 40mph

B6041 Kilton Hill, Worksop - 30mph

B6041 Raymoth Lane, Thievesdale Lane and Farmers Branch - 30mph

Spital Hill, Retford - 30mph

A17 Coddington - 40mph

A453 Clifton Lane - 40mph

A52 Clifton Boulevard - 40mph

A6002 Bilborough Road, Nottingham - 40mph

A6005 Castle Boulevard / Abbey Bridge - 30mph

A6008 Canal Street, Nottingham - 30mph

A608 Church Lane, Brinsley - 30mph

A609 Ilkeston Road / Nottingham Road, Trowell - 30mph

A609 Ilkeston Road / Wollaton Road / Russell Drive / Trowell Road, Nottingham - 30mph

A612 Church Road Burton Joyce - 30mph

A612 Main Road, Upton - 30mph

A616 Ollerton Road, Caunton - 60mph

A616 Ompton - 40mph

A617 Kirklington - 30mph

A6191 Southwell Road, Mansfield - 30/40mph

A6200 Derby Road, Nottingham - 30mph

A6211 Arnold lane Gedling - 30mph

A631 Flood Plains Road, East of Beckingham - 50mph

B6028 Stoneyford Road Skegby - 30mph

B6030 Forest Road, Mansfield - 30mph

B6030 Clipstone Road West / Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield - 30mph

B686 Carlton Hill, Carlton - 30mph

Beechdale Road / Hollington Road / Wigman Road, Nottingham - 30mph

Bestwood Park Drive, Nottingham - 30mph

Clifton Road Ruddington - 30mph

Coppice Road, Arnold - 30mph

Eakring Road, Mansfield, Notts - 30mph

Glaisedale Drive, Bilborough, Nottingham - 30mph

Kirkby Road Sutton In Ashfield - 30mph

Lenton Boulevard and Radford Boulevard, Nottingham - 30mph

NewMill lane / Sandlands Way, Mansfield - 30/40mph

Nottingham Road / Leake Road, Gotham - 30mph

Nottingham Road / Portland Road / Annesley Road, Hucknall - 30mph

Shelford Road, Radcliffe on Trent - 30mph

Spring lane, Mapperley - 40mph

Here are the locations of static speed cameras.

A60 Cuckney to Warsop - 50mph

A6075 Lincoln Road, Tuxford - 30mph

A631 Beckingham Bypass - 50mph

A631 Mill Hill / Gringley on the Hill - 50mph

A614 Nottinghamshire - 50mph

A620 Nottinghamshire - 50mph

A631 Scaftworth - 50mph

A638 Retford, Nottinghamshire - 50mph

38 Sutton - 50mph

A38 Sutton Road, Mansfield - 30mph

A453 Queens Drive, Nottingham - 40mph

A52 Bingham - National speed limit

A52 Bramcote - 40mph

A52 Radcliffe Road / Holme Pierrepont - National speed limit

A52 Radcliffe-on-Trent - National speed limit

A60 London Road, Nottingham - 30mph

A60 Mansfield Road, Carrington, Nottingham - 30mph

A60 Mansfield Road, Daybrook, Nottingham - 30mph

A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield - 30mph

A60 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield - 30mph

A6005 Bypass Road, Chilwell - 40mph

A6005 Nottingham Road, Swiney Way, Chilwell - 30mph

A6005 University Boulevard, Nottingham - 40mph

A6097 Oxton - Epperstone Bypass - 50mph

A610 Nuthall Road, Nottingham - 30mph

A611 Derby Road, Annesley - 30mph

A612 Colwick Loop Road - 30mph

A6464 Woodside Road, Beeston - 30mph

A6514 Ring Road, Nottingham - 40mph

B600 Main Road, Watnall - 30mph

B600 Selston - 30mph

B6004 Arnold Road, Nottingham - 30mph

B6004 Broxtowe Lane, Nottingham - 30mph

B6004 Oxclose Lane, Arnold - 30mph

B6008 Bells Lane - 30mph

B690 Aspley Lane - 30mph

Awsworth lane, Cossall - 30mph

Bath Lane, Mansfield - 30mph

Church Street / Calverton Road, Arnold - 30mph

Coppice Road, Arnold, Nottingham - 30mph

Edwards Lane, Nottingham - 30mph

Fosse Road, Farndon - 40mph

London Road, Newark - 30mph

M1 Motorway between Junctions 25 to 28 - Variable speed limit

Quaker Way, Mansfield - 30mph

Southchurch Drive / Farnborough Road, Clifton - 30mph

Watnall Road, Hucknall - 30mph

Westdale Lane, Carlton - 30mph

Winchester Street - 30mph

Wollaton Road Beeston - 30mph