Tribute to baptist minister

John Leigh died age 95
John Leigh died age 95

A much-loved baptist minister from Eastwood has passed away aged 95.

John Leigh was minister at Eastwood Baptist Church for 20 years, between 1963 and 1983.

And his daughter Elizabeth Straw said they were the best 
years of his life.

She said: “The church was absolutely wonderful.

“His quote would be they were the best 20 years of his life.

“He was very fortunate that he met people who were like-minded.

“It was extremely friendly and the people were always prepared to listen.”

During his time at the church, John helped renovate the building.

A new crèche was built for babies, as well as a large schoolroom, prayer room and large atrium.

Elizabeth, 66, said: “He always loved woodwork, so was so pleased to get involved.

“He was somebody who had great vision, extending it for more outreach into the community.”

John also introduced the “family church” in 1970, accommodating services and lessons for children.

John, who lived on Greenhills Road, leaves two daughters, Elizabeth and Patricia, two granddaughters and one great-grandson.His wife Marjorie died in 2008.

Elizabeth said her dad was a great man.

She said: “He had a tremendous sense of humour and people loved him.

“He was very, very caring. If people needed it, he would visit them more than once a day.”

Elizabeth said the church was John’s life, and at one stage he was on 48 committees. He was also president of East Midlands Baptist Association.

John’s first job was working for an iron foundry in Wigan, where he was from.

He later got into plumbing, before landing his dream job working as a printer.

During the Second World War John was a prisoner of war for more than two years, and used to organise services when the chaplins went home.

On returning home, he studied theology at college.

Eastwood Baptist Church was packed for his memorial thanksgiving service.

John donated his body to the anatomy department at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre.