Tribute to our hero soldiers

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Today the Advertiser is launching its Pennies For Our Heroes appeal in a bid to pay tribute to the brave soldiers of World War One from Eastwood and Kimberley who gave their lives on the front line — and we need your help.

As 2014 marks the 100th year since the outbreak of the ‘Great War’, we want to raise as much cash as we can to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice on bloody battlefields.

We’re asking you, Advertiser readers to dig deep and donate to this deserving cause.

All we want you to do is pop your pennies and spare change into a jam jar and hand it over to help pay for a tree to be planted in tribute to our town’s fallen.

Editor Martin Hutton said: “Many of us have no idea what it is like to go into battle with the knowledge you may never return. But while we might not know first hand, we in this town are proud and thankful when it comes to those sacrifices.

“Every Remembrance Sunday we pay our respects.

“Now, on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, we want to plant a tree, which in my view symbolises life and growth, to remember the price paid by local soldiers to retain our freedom.

Every penny we raise will go towards the memorial tree to be planted in Coronation Park, complete with plaque, to act as a permanent reminder for generations to come.

So, fill up a jam jar with loose change and drop it off at the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau in Wellington Place.

Call us at the Advertiser on 0115 9446185 if you would like to be a collection point for donations.