Triple book launch for Brinsley author

a BRINSLEY man who has written more than 30 books about the local area launched another three last week.

Stan Smith unveiled his new books ‘Stirring Stuff from Underwood and Bagthorpe’, ‘Kimberley Folk – Elsie and Others’, and ‘Marjorie C. Bates at Underwood Church’.

Stirring Stuff and Kimberley Folk are both collections of short stories about local people and the local area and Marjorie C. Bates tells the true story of a prolific local artist.

Marjorie sketched scenes abroad and her work was displayed in Paris salons, at the Royal Academy and in major English art galleries. Her sketches became best-selling postcards and are very collectable today.

The triple book launch was run in conjunction with St Michael’s anniversary celebrations and a special exhibition commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the translation of the Bible into English.