Troubled Ollerton woman’s cries for help

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A troubled Ollerton mum threw a lit cigarette and an empty wine bottle at a police officer because she thought he had her mobile phone SIM card, a court heard.

Samantha Brown banged on the door of Ollerton police station on May 16, and demanded the SIM card was returned after officers attended her home, said Robert Carr, prosecuting.

The court also heard she smashed the window of her upstairs front room, on May 29, when emergency services were called out to her Yew Tree Lane home.

“On the way to the police station she spat at an officer,” said Mr Carr.

“She said she was drunk and down and spat at him because she was handcuffed.”

On May 30, police were again called because Brown was threatening to harm herself and openly sniffing butane gas.

She ran upstairs and officers heard the sound of smashing glass and fresh damage to a double glazed window was caused.

“She said she was trying to get evicted from the flat because it held bad memories for her,” said Mr Carr.

Brown, 21, who had no previous convictions, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and criminal damage, when she appeared before magistrates in Mansfield, on Wednesday, May 31, and criminal damage and assaulting a constable, on Thursday, June 15.

The court heard Brown’s offending had started very recently.

Tim Haines, mitigating, said: “The police are sympathetic to her situation. But a point came when they thought enough was enough.

“She realises she has significant problems with alcohol.”

He said Brown had mental health issues, after her two children were taken into care, but she hadn’t accessed any help.

“This is a cry for help rather than deliberate offending,” Mr Haines said.

Magistrates gave her a 12 month community order with 30 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement.

She must pay £50 compensation to the officer she spat at, as well as £85 court costs.