Trunk came from Ripley


Regarding the photograph, I was present when it was taken in 1988.

The people on the photo are DH Lawrence’s niece on the left, Cubs and Scouts of the 1st Ripley Group, the Mayor of Broxtowe, my husband Ivan Hutchinson, who was the group scout leader of the 1st Ripley Scouts and David Hawkins, who was the chairman.

The trunk was actually given to the 1st Ripley Scout group in 1950 by DH Lawrence’s sister, Mrs Clarke.

It stayed a in our possession during all those years and was actually used as camping equipment, as a wardrobe.

It went to various camps including Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and even to Jersey.

Eventually in 1988 we decided to take the trunk, which has the initials DHL on it, to the Lawrence Museum in Eastwood.

The photo here depicts the service that was arranged there.

The last time I and my husband saw it, it was on show in Le Louvre, it must have gone there on loan.It was a very special thing really.

Dorothy Hutchinson

Argyle Road